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I'm Auctioneer Roger Loth, CAI... a multi-state licensed professional auctioneer, and proud member of the National Auctioneer's Association, Ohio Auctioneer's Association, Auction Marketing Institute's - Certified Auctioneer's Institute, Society of Professional Auctioneers, and the Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Auctioneer's Association.

I am a traditional, licensed real estate agent in Kentucky, and can also Auction! - market homes in that state.

Additionally, I hold professional Auction! licenses in Florida, Ohio and Kentucky for personal property and benefit auctions!

Executors and heirs, charities and other organizations needing fund-raising auctions, and property owners seeking a quicker, more visible way to sell their homes can all benefit from Auction! services.

(954) 649-4729

Email: RL946@aol.com

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